Hidden Morocco Tours

our mission

OUR Intimate excursions are fluent and rich with HISTORY, cultural integrity, quality and elegance. WE WISH TO SHARE our passion for CREATIVITY, TRAVEL and the unforgettable, exceptional EXPERIENCE that is morocco.


Our Tours

Our tours have been well researched over many years and we bring knowledge, understanding and experience of the culture, language and customs as well as a love and passion for this unique country. The advantages of traveling overland between destinations are many as it is the Ideal way to truly experience the journey as well as the destination and the diversity that is Morocco. We plan our tours so that you may enjoy and immerse yourself in the local ambiance at your own pace and as owner operator I personally join and oversee all tours to assure you get the best experience.



Our aim is a quality rather than a quantity experience and we do not compromise on this.  We are there for our groups as guests,  individually ensuring your needs will be met and you will be safe in our care.

A typical tour will  take you through Berber Hamlets where you will observe a way of Life unchanged for many centuries, women in the fields tending livestock in the distinctive traditional dress, selling home grown produce by the roadside, children with pots of honey for sale or balancing a tray of bread on their head on the way to the local oven to have it baked , village pottery piled high beside endless strings of onions by the edge of the road .

A pit stop for mint tea and soak up the mountain air and the views, purchase some village pottery maybe. A truly great way to see the hidden Morocco.

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